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Sexual Harassment Training Will Soon Become Mandatory In Illinois Workplaces

Beginning in January, all Illinois employers will have to start providing sexual harassment training for their employees.

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Subterfuge In The City: How Illinois Helped Create The Nuclear Age

2020 is the 75 th anniversary of America dropping atomic bombs on Japan to end World War II. Without Illinois, there wouldn’t have been nuclear medicine, nuclear power or nuclear weapons.

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Community Voices

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Community Group Demands Springfield Take Action On Pillsbury Mills Site

A community group wants the city of Springfield to take over the Pillsbury Mills Plant, tear it down and redevelop the site. But, first, they want the city to make sure the area is closed off to trespassers. “It's a partially demolished old factory that has some level of asbestos contamination still on site. And so it's dangerous for folks to go in there,”said Chris Richmond, the former fire marshal for Springfield who is leading Moving Pillsbury Forward . “But what we know at this point is...

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Social Action - Thanks for Sharing!

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U of I Touts Sexual Harassment Reforms, Implementation Still Unclear

In the midst of #MeToo movement and several high-profile sexual misconduct cases involving its own faculty, the University of Illinois is announcing recently released recommendations that would change how the university handles cases of sexual harassment and misconduct. Recommendations include prohibiting confidentiality agreements that keep findings of misconduct secret, and a system for tracking and disclosing findings of misconduct on a "need-to-know" basis.

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The complete act that started public media. Subpart D — Corporation for Public Broadcasting Sec. 396. [47 U.S.C. 396] Corporation for Public Broadcasting (a) Congressional declaration of policy The Congress hereby finds and declares that —

Eight years before WUIS began began broadcasting, the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 initiated consideration in communities and colleges what might be done with public media. "It announces to the world that our Nation wants more than just material wealth; our Nation wants more than a "chicken in every pot." We in America have an appetite for excellence, too. While we work every day to produce new goods and to create new wealth, we want most of all to enrich man's spirit. That is the purpose of this act." President Lyndon Johnson's remarks up signing the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967


'We Wanted Our Patrons Back' — Public Libraries Scrap Late Fines To Alleviate Inequity

For nearly a decade, Diana Ramirez hadn't been able to take a book home from the San Diego Public Library. Her borrowing privileges were suspended, she was told, because of a mere $10 in late fees, an amount that had grown to $30 over the years. Ramirez, who is now 23 and stays in Tijuana with her mother, attends an alternative education program in San Diego that helps students earn high school diplomas. To her, the debt she owed to the library system was an onerous sum. Even worse, it...

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Education Desk

Minnesota Dept. of Ed via ProPublica

The Illinois State Board of Education is encouraging anyone with information about abusive time-out rooms or restraints in any school setting to share that information directly with the agency. The request comes in the wake of a report earlier this week by the Chicago Tribune and ProPublica documenting thousands of instances of children, usually with special needs, placed in seclusion in their schools.

Kevin Rubenstein, president of a statewide group of special education administrators, told the board to expect to hear even more stories.

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Equity & Justice

Anti-Defamation League

Hate crimes rose by 30 percent in Illinois in 2018, according to a recently released FBI report.

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Health+Harvest Desk

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Flu season has begun once again in Illinois, and public health officials are urging residents to practice good hygiene and vaccinate against the virus.

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Illinois Economy


The eastern Illinois community of Casey has followed the lead of roadside novelties promising tourists a chance to see the world's largest (fill in the blank).

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Illinois' Department of Agriculture published its bi-annual study that looked at how to improve water quality by cutting down on pollutants that runoff into streams and rivers. Runoff has been on the rise lately, and officials say reducing it involves more than just farmers.

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Democrats are expected to continue their march toward impeachment on Tuesday with the release of a report summarizing their case — one day after Republicans opened the bidding with a salvo of their own.

The majority on the House Intelligence Committee, led by Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., is expected to release an impeachment report on Tuesday that could then set the stage for the hearing scheduled Wednesday in the House Judiciary Committee.

When Pete Buttigieg arrived in England, he was a curious, bookish 23-year-old known to his friends as Peter.

The year was 2005. The Iraq War, unpopular among Buttigieg's college peers, was raging with no end in sight. John Kerry, the Democratic nominee for president, had lost the 2004 election to an increasingly unpopular Republican president.

And Democrats, like Buttigieg, were soul-searching.


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American Anthem: The Complete Series

NPR's American Anthem series launched on July 4, 2018 with a simple goal: To tell 50 stories about 50 songs that have become galvanizing forces in American culture, each representing a cause or group or identity through music. Those stories are gathered here, along with a handful of web-exclusive essays and a streaming playlist of every featured song in order. Explore the entirety of the series below. 50 Radio Stories The Battle Hymn Of The Republic (July 4, 2018) Seven Nation Army (July 11,...

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Famed Conductor Mariss Jansons, 76, Has Died

One of classical music's most beloved conductors has died: Latvian-born Mariss Jansons, who was age 76 at his death on Saturday in St. Petersburg, Russia. Jansons had long had a heart condition, which first became known when he collapsed on the podium while conducting in Norway more than 20 years ago. His death was initially reported by local media , followed by statements from several of the orchestras with whom he was closely associated, including Amsterdam's Royal Concertgebouw, the...

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