Clay County Judge Rules in Favor of Rep. Darren Bailey

A Clay County judge ruled today Governor J-B Pritzker had no authority to issue multiple Executive Orders to keep the State of Illinois locked down during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Kidzeum Facebook Page / Kidzeum

Kidzeum Will Temporarily Close Due To COVID-19

The Kidzeum of Health and Science in Springfield - a children’s museum promoting science education through exhibits -- will temporarily close, just two years after opening.

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Community Voices

A sign asks customers to wear face coverings, which is required by Gov. J.B. Pritzker's most recent stay-at-home order.
Sam Dunklau / NPR Illinois

COVID-19 Updates In Springfield And Central Illinois

This post is for news on the local response to the coronavirus in Springfield and Central Illinois. For last week's updates, go to this post . You can send tips, questions or announcements to .

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Lincoln Association Unveils Plans To Reconstruct Original Lincoln Cottage

The Abraham Lincoln Association has launched a $400,000 campaign to acquire vacant land to construct an accurate replica of Lincoln’s original cottage - before the home was expanded.

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Two women have been hospitalized, one with life-threatening injuries, after a vehicle barreled past a police barrier and into protesters on a freeway overnight in Seattle.

As Americans celebrate Independence Day, a group of artists and activists are flying pro-immigrant, anti-incarceration messages in the skies. They hired fleets of airplanes to sky-write their slogans over 80 locations, including immigration detention facilities, jails, courts and the U.S./Mexico border.

Fresh Air Weekend highlights some of the best interviews and reviews from past weeks, and new program elements specially paced for weekends. Our weekend show emphasizes interviews with writers, filmmakers, actors and musicians, and often includes excerpts from live in-studio concerts. This week:

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Baseball's Negro Leagues were formally founded a hundred years ago this week. They should never have had to exist — but they sure had some glorious players and times.

Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, Cool Papa Bell, and many more stars, who couldn't play in the major leagues because of the cruelty of segregation, engineered a sports enterprise of their own with superb teams that included the Kansas City Monarchs, Chicago American Giants, and the Homestead Grays.

NPR's Scott Simon speaks with China expert Adrian Zenz about his research uncovering evidence of birth prevention and mass female sterilization of Uighur Muslims in China.


Drill Down To County Level And The U.S. COVID-19 Outbreak Looks Even Worse

Across the United States the coronavirus is once again on the march. On Wednesday alone there were nearly 50,000 new cases — a record. The case counts for each state suggest the disease is mainly spreading in a band stretching from Florida across much of the southernmost states and westward to California, with Idaho and Iowa also in trouble. But when you use tools to drill down to more local data, the picture gets more complicated — and even more concerning. Here are five takeaways: It may be...

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Arts & Life

NPR's Scott Simon speaks with actor Juliette Binoche about her movie, The Truth – the first directed in the west by renowned Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-Eda.

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Education Desk

Governor Releases Fall Plans for Schools And Colleges

Jun 23, 2020

Governor J.B. Pritzker wants to see kids in the classroom this fall.  He released guidance Tuesday for students returning to school and college.

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Equity & Justice

Dusty Rhodes / NPR Illinois

This coming school year, districts will be expected to provide information on LGBTQ figures in history before students graduate eighth grade.

State representative Anna Moeller, an Elgin Democrat, said she believes the addition is positive for all students.

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Illinois Economy

Restaurants Eagerly Await Reopening This Week

Jun 22, 2020
State of Illinois

The State of Illinois will enter Phase Four of its pandemic recovery plan this Friday June 26, Governor J.B. Pritzker announced.  The move comes as all areas of the state are meeting metrics for overall levels of COVID-19 and available health services for those seriously ill with the virus.

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Brian Mackey / NPR Illinois

This week, a Clay County judge ruled that Governor J.B. Pritzker did not have the authority to issue executive orders to combat the spread of the new coronavirus after his initial order expired.   Meanwhile, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot warned the city that there would be conseqences for those who flout precautionary measures.  Also, it's the start of a new fiscal year and several new laws went into effect July 1st.

WTTW Chicago Tonight's Amanda Vinicky joins the panel.

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Two new laws went into effect in Idaho this week that target transgender residents. The enactment comes on the heels of a major U.S. Supreme Court decision in June, which greatly expanded LGBTQ rights.

One of the laws bans transgender people from changing the sex on their birth certificates while the other bars transgender girls and women from playing on sports teams that align with their gender identity.

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Updated at 7:43 am ET

On the eve of Independence Day, President Trump celebrated at the foot of Mount Rushmore National Memorial in Keystone, S.D., with a fireworks display and an impassioned speech against what he called a "new far-left fascism."


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Enjoy The Show: An All Live, Imaginary Festival Playlist

One of the best things about summer time is the live shows, right? Concerts! Music festivals! But this summer is going to feel a little different after most shows have been canceled due to the pandemic. So today, World Cafe is bringing live music to you with an imaginary music festival of all live tracks. And since it's imaginary, it means we were able to "book" anyone we wanted — RUSH, Aretha Franklin, Wilco and Jackson Browne, all on the same huge lineup. So get a lawn chair or spread out a...

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Broadway To Remain Closed For The Rest Of The Year

Broadway shows will remain closed until at least Jan. 3, 2021 according to an announcement from the Broadway League, an organization representing theater producers and owners, which said that ticket holders will be able to get refunds or exchanges for a future date. Broadway's theaters have been shut down since March 12 due to the coronavirus pandemic. In April, an ad campaign to raise funds for Broadway Cares and other charities, called the closure " only intermission ," but as the pandemic...

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