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Hannah Meisel/NPR Illinois
Republican gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey on Tuesday said he’d prioritize eliminating “critical race theory” and “egregious” sex education standards from Illinois schools if elected to replace Gov. JB Pritzker in November, courting a relatively new coalition of voters radicalized during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Many of the states that are moving to ban abortion tend to have less access to health care, worse maternal and infant health care outcomes and weaker social supports for children and families.
Logan Bricker
Vanessa Ferguson
Logan Bricker is the new Community Voices assistant at NPR Illinois. He sat down with Community Voices hosts Bea Bonner and Vanessa Ferguson to talk about being a UIS student and his plans to be a journalist and war correspondent.
Former Vice President Pence spoke at a "Politics and Eggs" event in New Hampshire on Wednesday and said he would consider an invitation to testify to the House Jan. 6 committee.
Charles Krupa
During an event in New Hampshire Wednesday morning, former Vice President Pence said he'd consider an invitation from the House January 6 committee to testify.
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Olivia Newton-John at a London press conference in 1978. The pop singer, actress and activist died August 8 at 73.
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She was never just that prim prude from the start of Grease, nor the strutting vamp from its finale. Her superpower, for over 50 years, was embodying both at once.
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