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    Brian Mackey
    The Illinois Senate this week approved the state's new energy package and the governor quickly signed it into law. It saves a pair of nuclear plants, and the jobs and tax base they provide, along with placing Illinois on a path to a renewable energy future. It also shined light on how the leaders of the state can work through complicated issues to reach a deal. Our panel also discusses the current situation with COVID-19, as a vaccine mandate is set to take effect.
  • This week, the story of women who worked at the Radium Dial Company factory in Ottawa, using radium-laced paint on glow-in-the-dark clocks and watches. Unaware of the health risks, many died from radium poisoning. Their case became a landmark moment in the workers' rights movement. Also, we'll hear about the stress on health care facilities in southern Illinois amid the latest COVID-19 surge. Those stories and more on Statewide.