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At The Front Row Network, we're the entertainment site for people who ACTUALLY LIKE movies, television, video games and all other manner of pop culture. We have over a dozen different shows that all bring a unique subject matter and perspective to the world of entertainment. Check them out one or all and we'll see you in the front row!

Latest Episodes
  • We are so grateful this week to have a chance to speak with the filmmakers behind Disney's 60th animated feature, Encanto. Since arriving in theaters in November and on Disney+ in December, this movie has really struck a cord with audiences of all backgrounds. Directors Jared Bush and Bryon Howard bring us their second film together, having co-directed the Academy Award winning film Zootopia. They are joined on this film by Co-director Charise Castro Smith, who tells us a wonderful story about how she came to be involved with the film. In addition to directing the film, this team of three were also responsible for writing as well. We dive into the creative choices they were able to make throughout the five-year process of bringing Encanto to life.
  • Front Row Classics is celebrating 100 episodes! We're incredibly grateful to our listeners for embracing us and supporting our efforts in keeping classic film alive.Brandon and Eric are also celebrating the 60th anniversary of To Kill a Mockingbird. This legendary film is beloved by multiple generations thanks to its lessons of love and empathy. We're thrilled to be joined by Scout herself, Mary Badham. Mary graciously recounts her memories of filming as well as her co-stars, including Gregory Peck who she still refers to as "Atticus." We also discuss her feelings on the film's lasting legacy.
  • We are so thrilled to bring you our first episode of the new year, and it is a big one. Don Hahn is prolific throughout the Disney company. As the producer of such beloved Disney classics as Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, he helped reinvigorate Disney during the period known as the Disney Renaissance. Additionally, he has directed numerous documentaries and films, including Howard, available on Disney+, which details the life of the late Howard Ashman. We speak to Don about so many of the projects he has worked on over the years. He also discusses the creativity that can be unlocked in the human spirit. It was such an enlightening and fun chat, we hope you enjoy!
  • Front Row Classics kicks off 2022 with a visit from one of the most renowned and trusted voices in the film community. Brandon is thrilled to welcome Leonard Maltin to the podcast. Mr. Maltin discusses his new book, "Starstruck: My Unlikely Road to Hollywood". The interview covers his many interactions with both legendary and lesser known entertainment figures. We also discuss his early days as a critic and interviewer along with his tenure teaching USC's popular film studies course. This is definitely a conversation that any film lover will enjoy."Starstruck: My Unlikely Road to Hollywood" is available wherever books are sold from GoodKnight Books.
  • Front Row Classics celebrates the holiday season with some of the most festive movies from the last century. Brandon welcomes back celebrated film historian and author, Jeremy Arnold to discuss his book, "Christmas in the Movies: 30 Classics to Celebrate the Season." The book covers classic holiday films from the thirties through the early 2000s. Brandon and Jeremy discuss behind-the-scenes stories and anecdotes from many well-known yuletide favorites. The interview also spotlights some unknown or unusual picks that may inspire you to give them a view this December.
  • Beyond the Mouse has been looking forward to bringing you this interview for a long time. Saul Blinkoff has worked in multiple roles throughout the Disney company. He was involved in the College Program at Disney’s MGM Studios. He worked as an animator during the Disney Renaissance on films like Mulan and Pocahontas. He then moved onto the director’s chair bringing us such films as "Kronk’s New Groove." In addition to his work with Disney, Netflix and DreamWorks, Saul has his own podcast "Life of Awesome." He was so generous with his time, and we were able to discuss a lot of his career with him. He is one of the best storytellers we’ve had the chance to speak with on this podcast. Be sure to check out his podcast as soon as the interview is over!Saul’s Website: http://www.saulblinkoff.com
  • Annabelle Reeder is a young filmmaker whose short film "The Baking Competition" was recently featured at the Route 66 International Film Festival. Craig McFarland spoke with Reeder about how she got into filmmaking and her plans for the future.
  • We are thrilled to welcome Laura D'Asaro, Rose Wang and Heather Alexander to talk about their book series "Eat Bugs." Inspired by the incredible true story of two friends who landed a deal on Shark Tank. Sixth-grade students turned entrepreneurs are on a mission to save the world, one bug at a time, in this fun and empowering illustrated novel filled with facts! Vanessa and Anna chat with them about their experience on Shark Tank, as well as their business "Chirps Chips" and how they started their company.
  • The Front Row Network reviews Cowboy Bebop
  • The Front Row Network reviews Netflix's "Tick, Tick... Boom!"