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Back To The Earth With Homegrown Fest And Composting Symposium

Grow Springfield

From novices to gardening veterans, you'll find plenty to keep you interested this weekend during the Homegrown Fest taking place at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield.  The event is combined with the 13th annual Composting Symposium.

Along with learning the basic and advanced methods of composting, there will be 16 mini-workshops ranging from beekeeping, cooking and growing food.  And there are also events geared for kids.

"We encourage you to come out and meet others in the community who are approaching this as a sustainable way to live your life," said Alana Reynolds, Grow Springfield Coordinator. 

Wynne Coplea, President of the Illinois Recycling Association, said the Composting Symposium will show how to get started and advanced techniques. Also, vermicoposting, where food scraps are placed in a bin filled with worms. They digest the food, leaving behind rich material for plants.

"It's the richest soil in the world.  You can then put it around your house plants. Combine it with regular compost. Put it outside in your garden. It's just lovely stuff," she said.

There is a cost to attend.  You can register in advance.  

You can find more details about the events here.

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