GUILTY PLEASURES - Tremors & Tremors 2

Mar 15, 2020
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It's a crossover kind of day! The collective powers of #GuiltyPleasures and #Flashback combine to.... honor?.... the 30th anniversary of the sci-fi horror comedy #Tremors. And as an added bonus? Why not throw in #Tremors2 as well?! Gonna be fun taking this one to the Guilt Meter. Natives of a small isolated town defend themselves against strange underground creatures which are killing them one by one.

CLASSICS - The Apartment

Jan 27, 2020
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#Classics is back in the midst of all the #Oscar craziness. But in the spirit of the big awards, they're taking a look at an instant dramedy classic in #TheApartment. A man tries to rise in his company by letting its executives use his apartment for trysts, but complications and a romance of his own ensue.


FEATURING: Brandon Davis, Erin McCabe & Eric Flick

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#Flashback is kicking off the new year with America's favorite romantic comedy and the perfect film to watch for New Year's! #WhenHarryMetSally is 30 years old and it's time to examine how it changed the rom-com landscape forever. #FRN #NPR


FEATURING: Ryan Lootens & Vanessa Ferguson

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#FullDisclosure makes its triumphant return by going HEAVY SPOILERS with the most critically acclaimed whodunit of the past decade, #KnivesOut. A detective investigates the death of a patriarch of an eccentric, combative family.


FEATURING: Brandon Davis, Craig McFarland & Ryan Lootens

Part 2 of our epic LIVE 500th Episode celebration at Anvil & Forge sees us returning to the #UltimateMovieBrackets. Our resident bracketologist Lou Hare has outdone himself compiling 64 contenders for the title of movie of the decade. We welcome the biggest panel we've ever assembled with 12 Front Row personalities in this one! Which movie takes the crown? Listen and find out!

FEATURING: Jeremy Goeckner, Craig McFarland, Scott McFarland, Brandon Davis, Steve Sykes, Brett Rutherford, Vanessa Ferguson, Ryan Lootens, Jay Hoffman, Lou Hare, Phil Rockwell & Erin McCabe

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#MonsterCast heads back into the realm of recent releases and another episode of #FullDisclosure. This go-round Jeremy is breaking down the sequel we've all wanted for 10 years and finally have: Zombieland: Double Tap. Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock move to the American heartland as they face off against evolved zombies, fellow survivors, and the growing pains of the snarky makeshift family.


FEATURING: Jeremy Goeckner

GUILTY PLEASURES is putting on its hardcore 90s nostalgia glasses and seeing just how guilty the panel can get while watching the Disney "classic" Man of the House from 1995. Starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Chevy Chase, A young boy refuses to accept his mother's new boyfriend, a lawyer, despite the man's attempts to win his respect, while disgruntled relatives of a criminal he prosecuted seek revenge.


After a far-too-long hiatus, CLASSICS is finally back on the Front Row Network! To mark it's grand return, Brandon and the crew are breaking down one of the best comedies of all time: Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles. In order to ruin a western town, a corrupt politician appoints a black Sheriff, who promptly becomes his most formidable adversary.

FEATURING: Brandon Davis, Louis Hare & Steve Sykes

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Wizard World

We had the honor and total blast of being included with the press to cover Wizard World Comic-Con St. Louis 2019. We had an absolute blast covering all 3 days of this insanely well-run event and are proud to bring you all of our celebrity and artist interviews all rolled into one. Enjoy and look for our continuing con coverage with San Diego this week and our reports from Heroes & Villains and the Walker Stalker Cons in Chicago. Enjoy!

FEATURING: Jeremy Goeckner, Steve Sykes and Kyle Hudson

When you think of how iconic the Carol Burnett Show was, one of the key parts of that success was the impeccable physical and improv comedy of one Mr. Tim Conway. Consistently on a vendetta to make his fellow actors crack, Conway was a master at reading the audience and taking them exactly where he wanted them to go. His comedic genius will be insanely missed in this world. Our Brandon Davis remembers him.

Featuring: Brandon Davis

Friday, September 7, Capital City Improv pits teammate against teammate in their Comedy Royale show at the Hoogland Center for the Arts. 

Carly Stroud, one of the founders of the group, says members of Capital City Improv will face off in different games. The winners will be decided by the audience. 

The show starts at 8pm and you can find tickets and more information here.