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Larry Smith

  • Starring Rosa Speaker, Zach Boblitt, Tom Brown, and Steve Sykes! This episode is ridiculous, hilarious, and Larry almost loses his mind.
  • All the way back in 2019 Craig and Jeremy (you know, the guys in charge and the ones with the wildly popular Ted Lasso show) approached Larry to do a show. Something different. Something new. Larry devised a useless debate show. So, the first episode was ready to be recorded in March of 2020...and, well, you know. But here it is! The show as it was always meant to be!
  • Nick Dodson is an activist, an organizer, and seeks to make his part of the world better all of the time. He's also a member of The Junior Varsity, a band that was gaining in popularity, had an enormous following, and then found itself just done...for a while. We discuss rugged individualism, social justice, the life of a traveling performer, the history of labor in America, and a ton more.The Junior Varsity are back for reunion shows and tickets are going fast!
  • Larry is joined by comedian, co-host of Running the Light Podcast, and good friend Jeremy Plumb. They discuss movies, iPODS, and standup comedy.