Springfield Halfway Houses May Close

Jan 22, 2014

Several halfway houses for parolees are in jeopardy after the Springfield City Council refused to allow a zoning change.

House of the Rainbow provides residences for parolees in four homes on North 10th Street and one on Enterprise Street.  But the zoning only allows for single family homes.

Owner of House of the Rainbow, David Kettelkamp, said he was not told what type of zoning designation he needed.

“I've been doing this since '05.  If I knew I would've needed the zoning ordinance like this I would've did it.  But,I didn't know.  I just figured I was putting people in residence,” Kettelkamp said.

The program sought new zoning, but faced opposition from city leaders and the Enos Park Neighborhood Association.

The Springfield Council voted six to four in denying House of the Rainbow the proper zoning.

Safety has been one of the concerns.  Last fall, a man living in one of the homes was arrested for murder.

Kettelkamp said that no one was aware of the zoning issues until the murder.
His attorney said they are considering filing a lawsuit against the city.