Past Due: "People Cannot Wait Any Longer" For State Budget

Jun 28, 2016

Credit flickr/ Bill Brooks

 The United Way of Illinois surveyed social services providers in the state and found that during the budget impasse, about  1 million of their clients have lost services due to lack of funding. 

Illinois Issues editor Jamey Dunn talked with Wendy DuBoe, from the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago, about the findings of the survey and concerns about the impasse continuing into next fiscal year.

DuBoe says Illinois owes providers at least $500 million for services already administered under contracts with the state. “That's very concerning, that these private nonprofit entities have been put in that position,” she says. “Will they continue to be in that position if there’s no budget? What our data shows and says more than anything is, people cannot wait any longer.”

You can find the results of the United Way's survey here.