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Dickinson returns for a final season on Apple TV+

Dickinson - Season 3 Interviews

The final chapter of the Apple TV+ show "Dickinson" premiers this Friday, Nov. 5. We were thrilled to be invited to speak about the show and some with the creator and some of the cast members as they close out this timely and wonderful show. Within this episode you'll hear from Alena Smith about her inspiration for writing a show about Emily Dickinson. You'll also hear Craig's conversation with four of the cast members Adrian Enscoe (Austin Dickinson), Ella Hunt (Sue), Chinaza Uche (Henry) and Amanda Warren (Betty) about their experience on set as well as some of the turns their characters are making in this final chapter. We do try our best to keep this as non-spoiler as possible as we know some of our Apple TV+ listeners may be looking for a new show while we wait for the return of Ted Lasso.

Craig is a Co-host of Beyond the Mouse, the Disney themed podcast from The Front Row Network. He is also Associate Editor-in-Chief of The Front Row Network. He began podcasting in 2015, and can be heard on over a hundred Front Row Network episodes.
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