Plans To Fix Dilapidating Illinois Gov. Mansion

Aug 4, 2015

Reporter Ray Long takes a look at damage inside the Lincoln bedroom at the mansion
Credit John J. Kim, Chicago Tribune

Black mold, crumbling plaster, leaking ceilings, broken stairs... A home with these problems probably doesn't sound like the ideal residence for a multimillionaire like Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner. But that's exactly the issues that have cropped up after years of neglect at the Executive Mansion, aka the Governor's Mansion, in Springfield, which is 160 years old. 

The Republican Gov. claimed during his campaign that he would spend more time at the Executive Mansion in Springfield than the last two governors did. While he appears to be trying to make good on that promise - he and his wife want the historical home fixed up, and they are raising donations and using their private funds to do so. Diana Rauner is now head of what's called the Illinois Executive Mansion Association

At the moment, more consequential problems are being dealt with at the statehouse, like putting together a past-due budget for government operations. Still, it appears renovations are underway to the mansion. Recently, Henson Robinson Company in Springfield was selected to replace the roof for about half a million dollars. This is likely one of the first major steps in repairs that could end up costing close to $9 million. Investigative reporter for The Chicago Tribune, Ray Long, toured the mansion earlier this year and wrote an in-depth article about the history of the residence and the damage there. He joined us for this interview: 

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