Elizabeth Warren

Democratic Candidates as Best Picture Nominees

Feb 3, 2020
Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

It’s a harrowing time for Hollywood Democrats. As we speak, Academy voters are logging in and submitting their votes for the Academy Awards. At the same time, voters everywhere are preparing for their state’s primaries to select a candidate in the Democratic primary (The Republicans already have their candidate, so Jon Voight can rest easy). While on the surface, these seem like very disparate events (with only one having some actual stakes behind them), this year’s contests seem very similar.

Seven Democratic candidates at the beginning of the PBS-Politico debate in December
PBS Newshour

Friday was the deadline for major party presidential candidates to try to get on the ballot for Illinois’ upcoming primary election.

Jerry Nowicki / Capitol News Illinois, used with permission

State Treasurer Mike Frerichs is among the first Illinois officials to endorse a candidate in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, and he's backing Elizabeth Warren.