GUILTY PLEASURES - The Godfather: Part III (CLASSICS Crossover Special)

Nov 13, 2020
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It's time for another crossover! Lou joins back up with Classics hosts Brandon & Eric to complete their review of The Godfather trilogy with the infamous The Godfather: Part III. Does the conclusion to the Corleone saga deserve it's notorious reputation? Let's get into it and find out! FEATURING: Lou Hare, Brandon Davis, Eric Flick Don’t forget to follow/reach us at:

VETERANS DAY SPECIAL 2020 - The Steel Helmet w/ Captain Dale Dye

Nov 11, 2020
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A tradition at the Network continues in 2020. Resident veteran Jay Hoffman welcomes our friend Captain Dale Dye back to the Front Row to talk the 1951 Korean War film The Steel Helmet. This film was the first to depict the Korean War and was the first of many war movies from filmmaker Samuel Fuller.

FEATURING: Jay Hoffman & Captain Dale Dye

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CLASSICS - Frankenstein (1931)

Oct 14, 2020
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Front Row Classics brings you their first offering for MonsterCast this month with the original Monster movie, 1931's Frankenstein directed by James Whale. Allison Means joins Brandon and Eric for a fun conversation that delves into Boris Karloff's career defining performance as Frankenstein's Monster. The crew will also discuss the differences the film has to Mary Shelley's novel as well as different behind the scenes anecdotes about the production. So join us as Front Row Classics salutes one of Universal's greatest Monster creations, Frankenstein. 

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CLASSICS is very happy to conduct our very first interview and wow is it a great one. We're honored to welcome the widow and biographer of the late great Gene Kelly to the show, Patricia Ward Kelly. We talk about some amazing stories from Kelly's prolific career, the job he REALLY wanted all along and bust some myths about the legend as only Patricia can do. Check it out and here social media page keeping Gene's legacy alive.

FEATURING: Brandon Davis, Eric Flick & Jeremy Goeckner

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CLASSICS - The Adventures of Robin Hood

Jun 25, 2020
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CLASSICS is back for their June episode and the crew is going all the way back to 1938 to take a look at Errol Flynn as the titular legendary bandit in The Adventures of Robin Hood. This one has everything a classic action adventure needs including one of the best stunt actors of all time and the immortal Olivia de Havilland.

FEATURING: Brandon Davis, Eric Flick & Allison Means

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CLASSICS - On The Waterfront

May 31, 2020
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We close out the month of May with the latest episode of Classics. Brandon and Eric are breaking down what some call one of the most pivotal movies of all time. Join us for a deep dive of "One The Waterfront".

Featuring: Brandon Davis & Eric Flick



CLASSICS - The Apartment

Jan 27, 2020
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#Classics is back in the midst of all the #Oscar craziness. But in the spirit of the big awards, they're taking a look at an instant dramedy classic in #TheApartment. A man tries to rise in his company by letting its executives use his apartment for trysts, but complications and a romance of his own ensue.


FEATURING: Brandon Davis, Erin McCabe & Eric Flick

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The Oscars are here and once again the Front Row Network is giving you comprehensive coverage with our #OscarSpotlight series. Here we'll break down all of the most-nominated films and break down all of the categories. We start it out with Greta Gerwig's adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's iconic novel #LittleWomen.

Featuring: Jeremy Goeckner & Sara Baltusevich

CLASSICS - Vertigo

Sep 25, 2019

CLASSICS returns by diving into the suspenseful world of Alfred Hitchcock once again with the film that many consider his masterpiece: 1958's Vertigo. A former police detective juggles wrestling with his personal demons and becoming obsessed with a hauntingly beautiful woman. We're also beyond psyched to welcome Mr. Eric Flick to the Network for the first time!


FEATURING: Brandon Davis, Jeremy Goeckner & Eric Flick (debut)

After a far-too-long hiatus, CLASSICS is finally back on the Front Row Network! To mark it's grand return, Brandon and the crew are breaking down one of the best comedies of all time: Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles. In order to ruin a western town, a corrupt politician appoints a black Sheriff, who promptly becomes his most formidable adversary.

FEATURING: Brandon Davis, Louis Hare & Steve Sykes

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Front Row Network Specials
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As we celebrate and remember the brave men and women who have given the fullest measure of devotion in protection of our country, we welcome back our good friend and veteran Jay Hoffman and fellow veterans John Mizer and Ian Flug to talk what is undoubtedly one of the best war and overall movies of all time: 1998's Saving Private Ryan.

We at the Front Row send our sincerest thanks to all the brave servicemen and women who defend our country every day. And we remember those who gave the last full measure of devotion to keep our country safe. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

graphic of film clips 90 through 81
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100 BEST is back and continuing the countdown of Jeremy and Brandon's 100 greatest films of all time. The lists are starting to really reflect the personalities of these 2 yahoos. Find out what surprises are around the corner as they reveal their picks for 90-81.