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Science Lecture This Week: Ancient Skywalkers

Courtesy of Illinois State Museum

Archaeological investigations have revealed that ancient peoples in North America employed astronomical observations in order to determine the onset of various seasons as well as to understand the length of the year. Such information helped guide religious, social, and economic activities.

Mr. William Iseminger from Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site presents Skywatchers of Ancient North America: Celestial Alignments with Mounds, Structures, and Stone Circles.

This program reviews celestial alignments observed by American Indians, starting with a discussion of Cahokia Mounds and its Woodhenge sun calendars, other mound sites and structures in the Eastern Woodlands, stone circles in the Northern Plains, and the variety of Pueblo structures and observatories of the Southwest.

Part of the Paul Mickey Science Series

Discover Illinois' rich prehistoric and historic past by attending an ISM Paul Mickey Science Series Program. A different speaker and topic are featured each month. For more information on upcoming topics and speakers, please contact Nina Walthall at (217) 782-0061 or 217-785-0037.

  • Usually held the second Wednesday of Each Month
  • 7:00 to 8:30 PM
  • Held at the ISM Research & Collections Center, 1011 East Ash Street (enter the building from 10 ½ Street between Ash & Laurel Streets), Springfield, Illinois
  • Free Admission 

For more events at ISM Research & Collections Center.

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