Winslow Expected To Get Police Chief Job

Feb 5, 2014

Credit Peter Gray/WUIS

After more than 6 months as Acting Springfield Police Chief, Kenny Winslow has been nominated for the job on permanent basis.  

Winslow assumed his role July 29th, after Robert Williams resigned following a file shredding scandal.  
Winslow says there are several things at the department that need to be done. 

“Community outreach, minority recruiting, those are all hot topic items that we need to address.  We're not doing as well as we can, and we need to strive to do better.  And what I foresee in the future is a collaborative approach involving community members as well as the department to do some of that outreach,” he said.
Winslow's nomination could be voted on in two weeks.   Mayor Mike Houston says Winslow has shown the ability to lead the department.