Mission Control: NPR Illinois

Nov 25, 2015

You've likely noticed something different on-air, recently.  Or seen it here at WUIS.ORG.  A new way of referring to WUIS... NPR Illinois.  That's the shorthand for NPR Illinois | 91.9 UIS.

The station has had several names through the years to best reflect it at the time:

  • WSSR
  • WSSU
  • Smarter Radio.  Smarter You.
  • Your source for NPR.

and now NPR Illinois.

Edited for space.
Credit Facebook.com-NPRIllinois

Generally, the response has been positive.  As stated in the Facebook reply, this change is intended to better identify the station with its core appeal and not to erase WUIS' independent identity.  We're increasing reporting on the culture and challenges in Illinois and contributing that perspective nationally through NPR when needed. 

NPR Illinois also serves as an umbrella for the shows and reporting we do.  Illinois Edition, the Statehouse, State Week, Illinois Issues, the Roster, WUIS.ORG, and more.

This way of referring to WUIS makes a lot of sense to us and we hope it will grow on you over time.  Our official call letters are still WUIS alluding to the commitment the University of Illinois Springfield makes to help you learn about the world.  You'll hear the four call letters at the top of the hour station identification and 91.9 UIS at other times.

P.S.  Our Facebook page is now at facebook.com/NPRIllinois.  Old bookmarks may no longer function.  If you haven't liked our Facebook page, please do so.