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Randy Eccles became NPR Illinois general manager in 2013 after serving as development director since moving to Springfield in 2008.  In 2014, Randy led the team that added Illinois Issues into the NPR Illinois portfolio and transitioned its reporting into audio/digital distribution.

Randy previously worked at KTAR in Phoenix and WGN in Chicago where he worked in programming and marketing management after producing talk shows and sports coverage.  He also served in management and news stints at student-run stations WHFH, WONC, and WUEV.  Born in Hinsdale, he was raised by teachers in south suburban Glenwood and spent a lot of time at the family farm in Industry, Illinois (south of Macomb).

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Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln

A panel from Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln Next 10 Extra series, Activating the State Fairgrounds Year-Round.

Originally aired April 7, 2021.

TEDxUofISpringfield talk from Menno Servaes -- When Should You Choose to Ignore Your Gut?

Originally aired April 7, 2021.

TEDxUofISpringfield talk from Taryn Christy -- Why Aren't Prisons Built for Periods?

Originally aired April 7, 2021.

TEDxUofISpringfield talk from Dean Cantu -- Why Are We Obsessed with the Image of Death?

Originally aired April 6, 2021.

TEDxUofISpringfield talk from Elizabeth Ross Wake -- Are You Paying to Perpetuate Poverty?

Originally aired April 6, 2021.

TEDxUofISpringfield talk from Sudeep Sharma -- Why Should You Master the Art of Negotiation?

Originally aired April 6, 2021.

Two speakers:

Meg Shadid -- How Do You Combat One-Sided Facts?

Dr. Sarah L. Webb -- How Can We Heal from the Shades of Colorism?

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Originally aired April 1, 2021.

The Women of Sangamon County: A History in ObjectsAn event from the Sangamon Experience featuring Illinois State Museum curator Erika Holst

Two guests: 

Richard -Gilman-Opalsky with his TEDxUofISpringfield talk What's Love Got to Do with Communism?

Joy Anna performs her original song Made It This Far

When you’re young, it’s important to announce you’re not just six or seven, but “And a half!” NPR Illinois is happy to say our newest program, Community Voices, is passing the six-month mark.

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Originally aired January 8, 2021.How Medical Crises Change Our Process of Communication

Presenter: Ann Strahle, Associate Professor, Communication

Moderator: Terri Noel, Founder and Owner, Encore Consulting & Publishing

Presented by:

  • UIS Office of Advancement
  • UIS Alumni SAGE Society
  • Illinois State Historical Society


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Originally aired March 26, 2021.

The whole community benefits when more individuals and families are able to stop walking a financial tightrope and get on solid ground. Financially stable people are more likely to have access to quality health care, provide a good education for their children, and contribute to their local economies. Hear from the panel about how the organizations are helping local people keep more of the money they earned – so they can recover from the pandemic, pay for basic expenses, and save for the future.

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Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln

Originally broadcast January 27, 2021.
 The Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln has created a Next 10 Extra series to further discuss the ideas submitted to improve the future of Springfield. One of the most commented on areas has been downtown.  The panel talks about how to lead this revitalization.

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Originally aired March 18, 2021.

The Future is Now: Business and Social Innovation in a Post Pandemic World 

Panelist Headshots

Originally aired February 25, 2021.

As part of Black History Month, this UIS ECCE panel discussion encourages learning about the societal issues that inform and led to the formation and evolution of the Black Lives Matter Movement. 

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Originally aired March 4, 2021.

The Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln produced this Next 10 Extra panel to discuss investing in the arts to develop Springfield's economy.

Logan Campbell headshot

Originally aired March 13, 2021.

Springfield newcomer Logan Campbell joins Community Voices to discuss his love of music and share his bass and baritone recital -- An Evening of Song: From Schubert to Verdi.

Originally aired March 11, 2021.Research and events of the past year have demonstrated the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion to the quality of life of everyone in central Illinois. As a balancing of the scales occurs and the benefits of a more just culture are understood, most organizations are prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion – or DEI work. Parts of the process can be difficult or uncomfortable but are necessary and as a bonus, a more robust culture and stronger economy result. The UIS Center for State Policy and Leadership and the Citizens Club of Springfield’s latest Public Policy Forum discusses these affects in today’s Community Voices -- Equity and Inclusion in Workforce and Economic Development.

Michael Burlingame headshot

Originally aired February 19, 2021.

Michael Burlingame, UIS Distinguished Professor, joins Community Voices to reflect on Lincoln's birthday, Presidents Day, and his latest writing.

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Bea Bonner / NPR Illinois 91.9 UIS

Another ten area high school seniors have been selected by our community committee for the 2021 edition of This I Believe on NPR Illinois. That’s 150 students since the program started with the 2007 selected authors. The program continues to pull at your emotions and reminds you of when you were about to enter the adult world.

Originally aired January 29, 2021.

Springfield Muni managing board president discusses the cancellation of another season due to COVID-19.

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hellowater.com - Brandt.co

Originally aired February 23, 2021.

hellowater co-founder Rusty Jones and Brandt chief marketing officer Karl Barnhardt discuss the partnership they connected with the support of Innovate Springfield.

Originally aired February 23, 2021.

José Gobbo, Jr. is a UIS music professor and a jazz guitarist. 

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The opening ceremony and first panel of the UIS Center for Lincoln Studies. Anne Moseley, acting director and UIS Chancellor Karen Whitney cut the ribbon. 

CV - Graham Peck

Feb 15, 2021
Graham Peck headshot

Graham Peck, UIS Distinguished Professor, joins Community Voices to reflect on Lincoln's birthday and Presidents Day.

CV - Sam Wheeler

Feb 15, 2021

Dr. Samuel Wheeler joins Community Voices to reflect on Lincoln's birthday and Presidents Day.

Originally aired October 21, 2020.

Jeff Curtis Williams discusses the Dim Art House, NIL8, and more.


NIL8 Facebook Page

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Oringinally broadcast January 5, 2021.

Lunch & Learn Series:  The American People, Government, Finances and the Public TrustPresented by the UIS Office of Advancement


  • Rich Miller, Owner and Publisher, Capitol Fax.com
  • Dr. Kenneth Kriz, Distinguished Professor, Public Administration & Director, Institute for Illinois Public Finance
  • The Honorable Tim Butler, Illinois State Representative

 Moderator: Dr. Robert Smith, Dean, College of Public Affairs and Administration Presented by:


Originally aired January 25, 2021.

The perception of the inauguration on a college campus. UIS students, alumni, and faculty look as the past week's and year's activities and speculate forward to where the United States could be headed.

21-Week Equity Challenge logo

Katrina Hays, United Way of Central Illinois director of community impact invites residents to join the 21-Week Equity Challenge.