Madigan Says Court Could Rule On Pensions In January

Nov 25, 2014

Credit Marsy's Law for Illinois

Attorney General Lisa  Madigan says if the state supreme court agrees to an expedited hearing...  a ruling on the state's pension law could come by January,.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says the state has a ``very strong argument'' in favor of its public pension overhaul when the case is appealed to the Supreme Court.  
The state says it has the power to take extraordinary steps during crises.
 A Sangamon County circuit judge struck down the law as unconstitutional on Friday. Madigan told reporters in Chicago on Monday that she plans an ``immediate'' appeal and a request that the court quickly take up the case. The law was written to reduce pension benefits to close a $100 billion state pension debt.  
State employees successfully argued in local court that the state Constitution prohibits benefit reductions