Interview: What's Up With The Lincoln Funeral Recreation?

Apr 25, 2015

1865, the train with a portrait of Abraham Lincoln carried his body from Washington, D.C. to Springfield
Credit Library of Congress

If you live in Springfield and ever pick up a newspaper, listen to the radio, or watch local TV- chances are incredibly slim that you don't already know about the Lincoln Funeral Recreation that will be done in town on  Saturday, May 2nd. But there's been a certain amount of confusion over what exactly will transpire. Will there be a train car that replicates the one which carried his body from D.C. to Springfield? (Answer: Yes, but it won't ride the rails as previously planned.) Where should you park and plan to enter at? (Answer: The city recently released a map of the route. As well as a map and list of places to park.)

The city has also provided a chronological list of all the events surrounding the Funeral Recreation, which will take place over the entire weekend. So take a look at that, and listen to this interview with Katie Spindell, who heads the Lincoln Funeral Coalition. We also spoke with Barb Ferrara of the Center for State Policy and Leadership who organized a scholarly symposium about Lincoln, that will be on the UIS campus on Thursday night.

Hear the interview, now: