Hundreds Rally At The Capitol To Support Abortion Bill

May 15, 2019

The Alabama legislature approved some of the most restrictive abortion rules in the country this week. A group of lawmakers wants to make Illinois the most progressive state.

Seventy-five women dressed in long red robes and white bonnets gathered at the capitol Wednesday. They represent characters from the dystopian Margaret Atwood novel and recent television series The Handmaid’s Tale.

They want Illinois lawmakers to debate a sweeping abortion measure that would require private health insurers to cover abortions and would lift restrictions on abortions beyond the second trimester.

The problem: the bill is stuck in committee.

State Rep.  Kelly Cassidy, a Chicago Democrat, is sponsoring the measures. She says there’s still time to get them approved before the end of session.

“My body, and the bodies of women up here, are not political pawns. My relationship with my physician and my relationship with my god is no politician’s business.”