Art Exhibit: Everyday Spaces, Everyday Rides, Everyday Places

The NPR Illinois Gallery will exhibit the works of two Springfield Artists: Jeff Williams and Corrin Smithson McWhirter. Their art re-evaluates and draws attention to our overlooked surroundings. 

The exhibit will be on display through the end of August. 
Stop by the NPR Illinois Studios on the UIS campus any weekday from 8 AM - 5 PM to view the exhibit. 
Click here to view a map of the UIS campus. 

Jeff Williams Artist Statement

Sometimes humans glide along with the fluidity of an animal stuck in an oil slick. Some of these paintings deal with human face and figure in a bit of a graphic novel or low-brow sense. Some of these paintings deal with one of the human transport methods that uses a little less oil, hopefully hampering that oil slick in which they often get caught up.

Jeff Williams

Corrin McWhirter Artist Statement

We spend hours each day glancing at the same walls, walking over the same floors, and interacting with the same objects. We do not take time to digest them visually. In my current body of work, Of These Places, I draw attention to simple elements of our everyday spaces—elements we have learned to stop seeing amidst our daily routines. By using the surface texture of these spaces and rendering them as detailed line drawings or "texture maps," a small inconsequential element now becomes the central focus.

Corrin Smithson McWhirter

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