100 Expressions: Lynn Herzberger

Jun 6, 2017

Lynn Herzberger, Jacksonville

Title: "The Orange Show, The First Four Months"

Medium: Four poems for four months (inside tent card)


"LockUp & DrainSwamp Tent Card" by Lynn Herzberger

Title: "LockUp & DrainSwamp Tent Card"

"Distress Flag" by Lynn Herzberger

Title: "Distress Flag"

Narrative: The upside down flag is the universal sign of distress, combining it with the symbol of the GOP group creates a symbol that communicates the thought quickly. Whether it is voter suppression, abuse of the Supreme court appointment delay in 2016, funding of the military complex, propose canceling of PBS or NEA, science weather study. The world was not a better place after the last reign of a GOP in the executive branch.

"Distress Flag with American Vote label" by Lynn Herzberger

Title: "Distress Flag with American Vote label"

Narrative: Adding the American vote phrase changes the subject to the way the GOP squeaked through and won the electoral college but no the choice of the majority of our fellow citizens of our country.