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Gallup CEO Visits Springfield To Share Insight On Job Creation

WIkipedia commons/taken by W. Wadas

The latest employment numbers show Illinois is adding jobs, and the rate of unemployment across the state is dipping below 4 percent.

However, Jim Clifton, CEO of the research firm Gallup, says those reports can be misleading because they count people who have part-time jobs, but who would prefer full-time hours and pay.

“It looks like there's plenty of jobs, but in reality… most of them are part-time and lower than a living wage,” Clifton said. Clifton says lack of living-wage jobs is a problem for the country, a problem he believes is up to leaders at a city-level to solve.

Clifton will speak at the Hoogland Center in Springfield on Wednesday, June 13 at 7 p.m. The event sponsored by the State Journal-Register and The Citizens Club of Springfield will focus on job creation and will feature a panel discussion of local leaders.

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