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Now Playing - Super GG Radio’s Games of June 2020

Front Row Network

Here is what the Super GG Radio crew are playing for the month of June


Phil Orona


The King of Fighters XIII

Why: I have been a huge King of Fighters fan since KoF 94’. It’s a solid series that was never just another Street Fighter wanna be.

What I like: The large colorful backgrounds, well animated characters and great overall fighting system. 

What I would like to see improved: More unlockable characters.




Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten


Why: The Disgaea series is one of the best strategy RPG series around.


What I like: Fantastic voice acting and funny story.


What I would improve: Make the weapon leveling system a little less complex


Alex Orona


The Complex

Why: FMV (Full Motion Video) games have been a silly thing since the 80’s. This newest one stars a comedic actress from cult classic TV Show Letterkenny, in a lockdown virus scenario. 


What I like: An interactive movie roughly 2 hours long that my spouse and I can yell at the TV and laugh at? Sign me up.


What I would improve: FMV games are generally run on a shoestring budget so the acting takes a hard hit. Sometimes comedically so, sometimes eye rollingly so. 


Metal Gear Kevin

Metal Gear Solid 5


Why: The name’s Metal Gear Kevin, and this month, I’ll be embarking on the final leg of my weekly blind-plays of Metal Gear Solid 1-5. I’m absolutely stoked to play this game, and even though I’ll only be playing it for 2 hours every Friday night.


What I Like: I liked every drop of what I saw when I played Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, a short prologue (maybe?) to The Phantom Pain. If Ground Zeroes is indicative of the action I’ll get in The Phantom Pain, I’m all in.


What I Would Improve: The number of times Kojima is listed in the credits. Does that mean more or less? You decide.


Red Dead Redemption 2


Why: I am in love with this game, its characters, world, and environment.


What I Like: Specifically, I have been exploring nature and avoiding marked missions, getting myself lost in the wilderness during the quarantine feels so good. I’ll also be streaming on Super GG Radio’s Twitch channel with my RDR2 stream, Wild Redemption, a mostly relaxing romp.


What I Would Improve: The terrible pain I feel after accidentally gunning down a woman because of an improper button input. 


Eric (Getty) Gettinger


The Outer Worlds


Why: I am a huge fan of this genre where you are given the keys to explore, complete missions, and soak in the environment at your own pace. 


What I like: While similar to games like Fallout 4 or Skyrim, The Outer Worlds introduces you to a whole new set of planets and scenery. At the same time the element of science based weapons really knocks it out of the park. The most entertaining I have obtained so far is the shrink gun.


What I would improve: Each planet or area you come across has a plethora of items, people, and objectives so it is easy to miss them. I miss when the quest givers would have a giant exclamation point above their heads. However, thats part of the experience if you want to find all the neat subplots then you need to talk to everyone.  




You know that I’m still playing The Division 2, as title update 10 is coming soon and promises to bring some exciting improvements to the game, but…



Why: Listeners might know Alex’s penchant for throwing wacky lo-fi indie games at us, but he picked some real winners this month.  We couch co-opt a round of this one and I loved it right from the jump.  I’m normally a big-game kind of guy, but this is a little one where you can just sit down and play a round or two and have a lot of fun; good for solo play but especially with friends


What I Like: Crawl takes the 8-bit arcade aesthetic and nails it.  I could see this as a stand-up arcade machine like back in the day, swallowing up quarters and inciting rage between competing players.  It’s a great hack and slash for relieving some stress from your day, and while a playthrough is fairly short, there are fun unlockables and challenges to keep you coming back for more.  Great balance of difficulty and fun, with a lot of opportunities to talk some serious trash to your friends.


What I would improve: Crawl has one really big sore spot--no online multiplayer/matchmake.  This game is really designed to be played with friends and in today’s market it is simply expected to be able to join matchmaking.  This feature would really take this game to another level.  Also, I would love to see them add some more bosses to the game--the existing three are great, but the base of this game is strong and simple enough that it really begs to be added to.


Remnant From the Ashes


I had never heard of this game.  As a true loot addict, it seems natural that this one would worm its way into my pocket.


What I like: Besides grinding loot and crafting materials?  This game brings some originality to what’s currently offered in the genre.  The world they have creating is full of weird monsters and alien worlds that seems fresh and inviting.


What I would improve: MORE LOOT!  But seriously the game has some little flaws in the graphics (specifically the facial movement when NPC’s are speaking) and the sound design has easily detectable flaws (I can hear the loop of footstep samples) which are another facet of modern gaming where you can’t afford to slack off.  They also could have gone to the trouble of recording some VO for your character--presently you only select a dialogue option and the npc’s reply.

Joel DeWitte


Final Fantasy 7 Remake


Why: While late to the game compared to my co-hosts, I finally succumbed to the siren song of the ghosts of video games’ past and felt compelled to retreat back into an idealized version of a game from my childhood.


What I like: From the jump, Final Fantasy 7 Remake hits all the right nostalgia notes for those of us who’ve played the Playstation 1 classic with a beautifully reimagined Midgar.  In just the few hours I’ve played, side characters have been given much appreciated character development not existing in the original, and the battle system feels faithful to the menu-focused, turn-based one.


What I would improve: I haven’t quite gotten the hang of switching between party members on the fly in battles, it doesn’t quite come second nature with the control scheme.


Despotism 3K


Why: I like management sims. I like indie games on my Switch.  This one has a unique twist - you’re not running a business, or lemonade stand, or city.  You’re a sentient robot who subjugated a small number of humans, ones which you must use as a resource to keep your systems operational.


What I like: There’s a great vein of morbid humor throughout, literally having humans as a resource to be exploited, and there is a real push and pull trying to figure out how to keep power levels up enough to upgrade equipment, cycling-in freshly born humans to give tired-out ones a rest, or figuring out how to get enough humans consistently born so you can dump the excess ones into a refinement facility to keep your power generated.  There is no slow moment, you have to pause to get a chance to think.


What I would improve: I like when sim games have seemingly multiple viable ways to reach a “win” state, this one so far appears to only have one.

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