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The homepage for the NPR Illinois Community Advisory Board (CAB).

Community Advisory Board Agenda - December 2017

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2017, 11:30 PM – 1:30 PM

AARP Illinois Chicago office, 222 North LaSalle Street
AARP Illinois’ Legislative Office, 300 West Edwards Street (videoconference)


Advisory Board purpose (Agenda Attachment )

  1. Seek volunteers to serve as secretary of this advisory board
  2. Bylaws updated online (http://nprillinois.org/post/advisory-board-bylaws)
  3. Approve Community Advisory Board expectations (revised 9/1/17)

Nominating Committee

  1. Confirm the number of positions to fill
  2. Discuss gaps in board representation
  3. Identify priorities for recruitment and nominations in March 2018

Discussion about select story ideas

  1. Story ideas advisory board members submitted in advance
  2. Any other story ideas advisory board members wish to submit for consideration

NPR Illinois update (Randy)

  1. External consultant evaluating news capacity
  2. First expanded Illinois Issues story with Facebook Live
  3. Development Director hired -- Where NPR Illinois intersects with the university system’s capital campaign
  4. Wrap on Budget Tour
  5. Civic Education and Media Literacy programs – PodCamp/101/U – This I Believe -- Advisory Board input on opportunities for sponsorships or partnerships

Other updates

  1. NPR Illinois Community Advisory Board website is your go-to for updates -- http://nprillinois.org/topic/community-advisory-board
  2. Next advisory board meetings:  Friday, March 2, 2018 – Springfield, Friday, June 1, 2018 – Chicago
  3. Future meetings -- Will other Advisory Board members be willing to occasionally sponsor lunch for these quarterly meetings?

Adjourn at 1:30 PM

Community Advisory Board Expectations (Revised 9/1/2017)

  1. Advise -- The board shall bring to the management's attention ideas for coverage and engagement for Illinois. It will also advise the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, the governing body of NPR Illinois, through the management with respect to whether the programming and other policies are meeting the specialized educational and cultural needs of the state.
  2. Actively participate at all meetings -- Attend at least two of the four advisory board meetings annually and contribute to the discussion. Lend your expertise. Actively participate and be willing to chair or co-chair one committee when needed.
  3. Be a good advocate -- Be well-informed to convey our mission and strategies, policies, programs, strengths, and needs. Talk about NPR Illinois with anyone who is interested, sharing your passion. Invite them for a tour, to an event, or even to go out for coffee with GM/publisher. Participate in relationship-building activities on an ongoing basis.
  4. Make a personal contribution -- Make a financial contribution (either personal or solicited donation) of meaningful size every year. This can range from a $5 automatic monthly gift to over a million dollars. A $100 monthly gift is suggested. Additionally, consider a planned gift to the Legacy Endowment or a major project.
  5. Share networks and open doors -- Share your contacts likely to have an affinity for the NPR Illinois mission and a willingness to financially contribute. Be responsive to NPR Illinois needs, and help open doors when appropriate.
  6. Invite others to contribute -- Ask people to make a contribution through an appeal letter, to the annual fund, or to a specific event or program. Commit to making 10 “asks” per year. This can include signing letters, sharing content, soliciting donations and promoting or otherwise supporting NPR Illinois campaigns or activities.
  7. Say thank you -- Be willing to make calls and send thank you letters to your top donors. Thank donors in-person whenever possible and appropriate.
  8. Recruitment of New Board Members -- Identify strong candidates for the board who will effectively advance the NPR Illinois mission and make the advisory board reasonably representative of the diverse needs and interests of the state.
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