UPDATE: Illinois Lawmakers Send Blaze Pink Hunter Bill To Gov's Desk

May 23, 2018

Update: The measure unanimously passed both chambers and now heads to the Governor's desk. 

Original Story: Decades ago, deer hunters were required to add blaze orange to their wardrobe to cut down on hunting accidents. As the law stands, hunters using firearms must wear 400 square inches of blaze orange clothing, along with a blaze orange hat, but lawmakers are considering a new fashion choice: blaze pink.

A House committee room filled with laughter when Barbara Flynn Currie, a Democrat from Chicago, poked fun at the bill: “How pink is blaze pink," she asked." Is it as pink as my bag?”

But in all actuality, studies suggest blaze pink actually has benefits for hunters, as pointed out by state Representative Jerry Costello, a Metro East Democrat, who introduced the same bill previously. 

“Believe it or not the University of Wisconsin did a study and deer can see blaze pink less than they can see blaze orange and people can see it more,” said Costello. 

Hunter safety is cited as the primary reason for the change. There are a handful of other states that have passed similar legislation. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources says they would not be opposed to the addition.