VETERANS DAY SPECIAL 2020 - The Steel Helmet w/ Captain Dale Dye

Nov 11, 2020
Lippert Pictures

A tradition at the Network continues in 2020. Resident veteran Jay Hoffman welcomes our friend Captain Dale Dye back to the Front Row to talk the 1951 Korean War film The Steel Helmet. This film was the first to depict the Korean War and was the first of many war movies from filmmaker Samuel Fuller.

FEATURING: Jay Hoffman & Captain Dale Dye

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MEMORIAL DAY 2020 SPECIAL - Hacksaw Ridge

May 25, 2020
Summit Entertainment

One of our favorite episodes every year is the annual Memorial Day film spotlight. This year, veteran Jay Hoffman is joined by regular Erin and fellow vet Ian to discuss Mel Gibson's 2016 Desmond Doss drama/biopic Hacksaw Ridge. To all the veterans out there, thank you for your service.

Featuring: Jay Hoffman, Erin McCabe, Ian Pflug



In an age of glamorous movie stars, Doris Day stood out form the rest. Whether it be in her girl-next-door looks or completely disarming and genuine charm, Doris Day forged a path for herself that only gives her one legitimate label: Legend. Our own Brandon Davis remembers her amazing life.

Featuring: Brandon Davis