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What is reverse angle parking?

City of Springfield

The City of Springfield has announced changes to some downtown area streets. A conversion to two-way traffic is happening along two routes:

4th St. from S. Grand Ave. to Dodge St.
Adams St. from 6th St. to 9th St.
The move is being made in an effort to improve safety traffic flow. City leaders say additional streets could be changed in the future.

Along Adams St., a new traffic pattern will also bring a new way to park. Reverse angle parking is being added on the south side of the street.

Instead of pulling forward into a space, motorists put the vehicle in reverse and back into it.

It is considered a safer approach because of increased driver visibility when pulling out of a space into oncoming traffic. A driver simply has to go forward to leave the spot and get back on the street.

This might be just the start of new traffic patterns. The Mayor's Chief of Staff Mike Disco said changes to additional streets are being studied.

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