Thieves Target UIS

Dec 18, 2017

Credit Jaclyn Driscoll / NPR Illinois

Thieves targeted the University of Illinois in Springfield early Monday morning. Several computer hard drives and monitors were damaged or stolen from the school’s main library and Public Affairs Center.

Derek Schnapp, spokesperson for UIS says police are still assessing the damage, but there’s a good possibility that multiple suspects were involved. “We don’t know if it’s one or two or multiple. There was a lot of areas so whoever or how many there were, it’s hard to tell but they definitely several areas probably in a short amount of time.”

Finals were completed last week, so many students and faculty have left campus for break.

Police were able to recover some of the property left in a box outside of the library. The university says they are still assessing the totality of the damage and are asking anyone with any information to reach out to campus police. Anyone who would like to remain anonymous can also contact Crime Stoppers