Quinn's, Rauner's Springfield Visits Show True Colors

Apr 30, 2014

Credit Brian Mackey/WUIS

  The governor of Illinois, as well as the man who wants to take his job, were both in Springfield Wednesday. What they were doing offers a clear picture of the different directions they want to take the state.

Republican Bruce Rauner was in town to file petitions for his term limits proposal. Then he addressed a meeting of business groups holding an "Employer Action Day."

"Let's make Illinois the most attractive state to do business, rather than one of the most hostile states to do business," he said. "Nothing else more important than that. Number one priority by far."

This is how Rauner wants people to see him: tax-cutting, government shrinking, Mr. Private Sector.

Contrast that to how incumbent Gov. Pat Quinn spent his afternoon — he passed on an invitation to address the business meeting. Instead, the Democrat, who wants people to see him as an advocate for the common man, renewed his call for increased spending on low-income college assistance.

"We're investing in the next generation in Illinois when we invest in our scholarship program," Quinn said.

As each man seeks to build up his own image, he's trying to tear the other down.

Quinn lambastes Rauner as a billionaire with little concern for the little guy, while Rauner says Quinn is part of a generation of entrenched politicians who've all but ruined the state's finances.