PodCamp: Managing Your Career as a Consultant

Jul 11, 2018

Hello I'm Swara Kakumani for the 2018 PodCamp.

Larissa Hansen is a consultant with GenHKids through her very own company. She was able to transition her skills from one company to the other.

"I actually am a consultant with GenHKids so I got that postion. I was assigned that postion through my consultant company that I own. It's a marketing consultant company and that's how I started working with them on their communications."

When Larissa was young her dream was to be a teacher, but like any person, Larissa faced challenges that stopped her in her tracks. She graduated from college early and was discouraged by how young everyone said she looked to be teaching in that field. She felt sad but life went on and she adjusted accordingly.

"I started doing marketing which is how... what my consulting is and I started taking a couple classes to get my teacher's certificate her in Illinois, but was already discouraged because of how young I look and ultimately decided not to pursue that.  I always wanted to be a teacher though.

Larissa continues to do work in Springfield.  She uses her creativity from her interests to help her in her professional life. For more information on Larissa and her work find alm online.

This is Swara Kakumani from the 2018 PodCamp.

NPR Illinois PodCamp is an annual program teaching media literacy, civic education, journalism, and technical skills to aspiring students.