Performance // Chat With Springfield's Arlin Peebles

Jan 26, 2016

Credit photo courtesy of Arlin Peebles

Arlin Peebles may be one of our area's most seriously unsung musicians. Pardon the lousy pun, but while he's not a name as recognizable as say - Tom Irwin, he has a sizable catalog of original songs and a talent for lyrics and composition. Arlin's authentic, and he just may be one of your new favorites, whether you're tied to Springfield or not.

He generally writes about relationships and allows a nuanced peek inside the emotional landscape of a father and husband - one who is still coming to terms with the whole "growing up" thing. He recently helped kick off Springfield's premiere YouTube show for showcasing area talent, The Studio Show, we'll have an interview separately about that. For now, take a listen and get to know Arlin the artist:

You can find more of Arlin's music here and here.