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Unique Springfield Film Screening Friday: '15 to Curtain'

A new film debuts this Friday at the The Legacy Theatre in Springfield (101 E. Lawrence Ave.) As a unique spin, the movie will be screened at the same location it was filmed. For many in the local theater community, it is sure to bring some nostalgia, featuring the backstage area of what was once the site of the STC (Springfield Theatre Center.)

Writer Emma Wilson wrote the script for the short, called '15 to Curtain.' It's aDave Heinzel production, he also helped direct, film and edit. This is the second project the two have headed after The Studio Show web-series they both worked on went on an indefinite hiatus. The other short film was called Sarah

Stella Cole was the star in that movie, and leads again in this piece. Joining her is love interest on screen and in real life, Graham Haven. Mary Young also has a role as the intense, demanding director. Wilson explains the film involves the cast and crew of a Western play taking place in a small town. "It basically follows an ensemble cast as they all deal with their own individual neurosis getting ready for opening night. And this main guy, it's kind of his journey falling for the lead girl." Here's a conversation where Emma talks more about it:

Studio Show host Arlin Peebles will host the night and a film he wrote and stars in will also be screened. Doors open at 7pm - for more information on how to attend Friday night, click here.

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Rachel Otwell of the Illinois Times is a former NPR Illinois reporter.
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