Octagonal Barn Near Carrollton To Be Moved

Sep 17, 2013

Credit Illinois Historic Preservation Agency

On Thursday morning, a unique barn near Carrollton will begin a trip to a new location where it will be preserved for decades to come. The plan to move the Fry Octagonal Barn, rather than see it torn down, is the result of cooperation between the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency and the Illinois Housing Development Authority.

Workers will start moving the barn, located on North Park Road in Carrollton, (http://www.mapquest.com/?q=39.3064,-90.4013) at 9 a.m., Thursday, Sept. 19. The move should take about two days.

The Frys were among the earliest settlers of Carrollton, arriving in the late 1810s. The barn that will be moved is an eight-sided structure built around 1881-1883. 

A housing development known as Walnut Estates is going up where the barn now stands. But cooperation between the Historic Preservation Agency and the Housing Development Authority means the barn, which is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, will be moved about half a mile north, to a spot where people can see it from public rights of way.

- Information from Chris Wills,  the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency