NPR Illinois Live@ALPLM - Meet The 21st's Niala Boodhoo

Feb 7, 2018

On Monday, February 12, The 21st will broadcast from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield for a special episode on Lincoln's birthday. The show is from 11 AM - noon and is free and open to the public.

Host of the public radio talk show, Niala Boodhoo, will speak with Executive Director of the ALPLM and will also discuss civil war music history with a performance by Mike Anderson from Jacksonville. There might even be a discussion about presidential beer. 

The 21st will also be broadcasting from Springfield the rest of the week:

  • On Tuesday (2/13), tune in for a budget address preview as the show broadcasts from the NPR Illinois studios and tells the story of the Radium Girls.
  • On Wednesday (2/14), broadcasting from inside the Statehouse, the show will talk with key political players just an hour before Governor Rauner’s 4th budget address.
  • On Thursday (2/15), after Governor Rauner’s budget address the show hears reactions from across the state.
  • On Friday (2/16), the Me Too Movement and the Statehouse. Learn about a new book that shares stories of female lawmakers from Attorney General Lisa Madigan to the reporter who wrote the book, and how it is shaking up the state’s Capitol.