Mission Control: New Schedule Starts

Jul 1, 2015

Recent program cuts necessitate the movement of some programs to replace what was broadcast.  Additionally, the listener survey indicates some programs may benefit from new time slots. 

The highlights:

  • Here & Now has added airings weekdays at 11 AM and Fridays from 1-3 PM.  Jeremy Hobson includes many Illinois sources in his reports and the program covers major stories as they happen. 
  • All Things Considered has added a half hour running through 6:30 PM.  It's one of the most valued programs on-air.
  • Marketplace moves back a half hour to start at 6:30 PM.
  • Sunday mornings flow from Weekend Edition to RadioLab to This American Life as they move from Saturday.
  • Story Time airs 8 to 9 PM Monday through Saturday featuring broadcasts of the best narrative public radio programs:  This American Life, BackStory, RadioLab, Snap Judgment, TED Radio Hour, and PRX Remix.

View the complete changes by clicking here or download this printable pdf.

Please give the shows in their new slots a listen.  If its new to you, it often takes a few listens to get the feel of the program.

Response to last week's announcement of program cuts has been appreciated.  Listeners are expressing disappointment about losing Science Friday and To the Best of Our Knowledge from the broadcast schedule. The vast majority of responses understand the need to reduce projected deficits by ending our affiliation with PRI (you can still listen to these programs by clicking here  to subscribe to their podcasts; scroll to the bottom).

Next post, I'll share survey results and comments regarding the changes.

Mission Control is my blog sharing my experiences managing public media and exploring nonprofit organizations.  A space aficionado since childhood, I couldn't resist the title's double meaning in exploring the effects management and a focused mission have toward nonprofit success.  If you'd like to share your media or nonprofit story, click here to contact me.