Dist. 186 Explores Existing Residency Requirement

May 28, 2013

  Some Springfield public school administrators are violating a policy that says they must live within district 186, according to a new board member. Adam Lopez is the school board’s vice president, he was seated earlier this month. He says he’s heard complaints from district 186 faculty that the policy is not being enforced. Lopez says it’s an issue that should be considered by the new school board, and either enforced or done away with. His personal opinion?

LOPEZ: “I want the policy to be enforced and if administrators aren’t abiding by the policy, we need to take care of that.”

Lopez says the human resources director should investigate the addresses of current administrators. According to code, administrative personnel can be hired from outside the district, they then have a year long grace period to move into district 186. The board plans to discuss the requirement publicly at the next regular meeting.