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Gaynor and Webb Novel, ‘Three Words for Goodbye,’ Takes Readers on a Journey

The Front Row Network interviews Hazel Gaynor
The Front Row Network interviews Hazel Gaynor about her new novel with Heather Webb titled "Three Words for Goodbye."

Co-written by authors Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb, “Three Words for Goodbye,” a novel about two sisters whose grandmother’s past takes them on a journey from Paris to Vienna, and ultimately back to America on the Hindenburg, is about discovering who you are and what is important to you.

“I live in Ireland, Heather lives in Connecticut, and neither of us could travel – nobody could travel – and it was incredible to find ourselves writing a book, where we have two sisters who don't get along at all,” Gaynor said.

Gaynor is an award-winning, New York Times, USA Today, Irish Times and international bestselling author. She and Webb have written novels independently and together over the years, but their newest collaboration, “Three Words for Goodbye,” was written while their lives were in lockdown.

“This interwar period was this incredible golden age of travel, where you had these iconic forms of travel,” Gaynor said. “Where you didn't just travel to get somewhere, you travel for the sake of traveling.”

In this novel, we see sisters Madeline and Clara journey across Europe together during a rather tumultuous time in history.

“Leaving home doesn't always mean things are better, and the grass isn't always greener, but it's often needed in order to appreciate what you have where you are. And that was really what we wanted to explore,” Gaynor said. “And go on a cracking journey through Europe at the same time. It's great fun to write.”

“As contemporary readers connect to these incredible people and events from the past, that's what fascinates me as a writer. To really explore and get under the skin of those black and white sepia photographs that we see that are so stuffy. But there are real people and real stories beneath them.”

“Three Words for Goodbye” debuts in the United States and Canada in July 2021. For more information about Hazel Gaynor, visit www.hazelgaynor.com. Or you can find her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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