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Beyond the Mouse: Tomorrowland with The Tomorrow Society Podcast

Walt Disney Studios

“Find the ones who haven’t given up. They’re the future.”

The 2015 Brad Bird film “Tomorrowland” was a disappointment at the box office, but it lives on in Craig’s heart. We take a look at this film as an under appreciated look at the optimism of retro-futurism. Let us know if this George Clooney lead film is worth a second shot in your opinion. To help us take a look back we invite Dan Heaton of The Tomorrow Society Podcast. We can’t recommend enough checking out his show for all things Disney Parks with a particular emphasis on Tomorrowland. 

Visit Dan’s website: https://tomorrowsociety.com/

FEATURING: Craig McFarland, Brett Rutherford, Vanessa Ferguson


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Please enjoy this episode of BEYOND THE MOUSE and as always, we’ll see you in the front row!

Craig is a Co-host of Beyond the Mouse, the Disney themed podcast from The Front Row Network. He is also Associate Editor-in-Chief of The Front Row Network. He began podcasting in 2015, and can be heard on over a hundred Front Row Network episodes.
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