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CV - Taryn Christy | Why Aren't Prisons Built for Periods?

Taryn Christy headshot
Taryn Christy

Originally aired April 7, 2021.

TEDxUofISpringfield talk from Taryn Christy -- Why Aren't Prisons Built for Periods?

Taryn Christy is a junior double majoring in political science and legal studies at the University of Illinois Springfield. As a sophomore, she began working with the Illinois Innocence Project (IIP) on active client cases. Now, Taryn dedicates her time with the IIP reading applications and corresponding with incarcerated individuals claiming innocence. Taryn recognizes the distinct privilege of reading the story of every single person who applies for assistance and is immensely proud of her role in helping every applicant as much as possible. She firmly believes that every single person is responsible for building the most equitable and just society possible. Every role within this system is significant, and seemingly ordinary roles are often the most important.

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