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Pickle Dog

Kristen Koch - Jacksonville High School
Randy Eccles
WUIS/Illinois Issues


As a child, I would always wait with excitement by the door, counting down the minutes for my parents to come home from work. Now that I am in high school, I often fail to greet my parents with anything other than a “what’s for dinner?”

Whether I have been gone for an hour or a week, I know when I enter the door to my house I will be warmly welcomed by my dog, Ben.  As we grow, our consistency of showing love towards the people we care about often diminishes over time.  Many may argue that dogs are just dogs and overlook their human qualities, but the truth is, if I was more like my dog I would be a better person.

He is always forgiving, easily motivated and he exhibits his transcendent character consistently, every day.

If I was more like Ben, I will have unearthed the pursuit of happiness and truly live a life worth living. I would find the excitement in the little things, be motivated by simple things, and be happy no matter what the world threw at me. 

For example, a five-dollar toy in the shape of a pickle is Ben’s most prized possession. The pickle is all the motivation he needs to learn a new trick. Every day, with the same parallel passion, he makes his rounds showing everyone his toy. He does so in a way of showing personal gratitude towards each person. Why wouldn’t someone show appreciation for such a glorious pickle?

Benjamin’s love for the toy never dwindles - or his happiness. Not even a sprained tail- yes, that is possible- could end Ben’s incessant joy. One day, his former tail curved like a Husky was left limp and straight. Nevertheless, he pushed through the pain and continued to wag it happily back and forth like a perfect pendulum.

When I ignore Ben or get frustrated with him, Ben still comes to greet me with his ever-wagging tail and the best peace offering he can present- his pickle. Ben never gives the people he loves a reason to doubt his love for them. He is always forgiving, easily motivated and he exhibits his transcendent character consistently, every day.

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He may be just a dog, but all these traits are worth having.

This I firmly believe: I would be a better person if I was more like my dog.

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