Synthetic Drugs Concerning For Medical Marijuana Program

Apr 10, 2018

What's often called synthetic marijuana has led to three deaths in Illinois and sickened dozens in recent days. It has some in the medical cannabis industry concerned. 

Unlike a marijuana plant, synthetic cannabinoids are human made.  The chemicals are sometimes sprayed on plant material and smoked or the liquid used in e-cigarettes. The products are unregulated.  

Chris Stone, of HCI Alternatives a medicinal marijuana dispensary in Springfield and the metro east said this is a big concern for his industry as well.

“When you’re thinking about a program that’s only been in place two and a half years, something like this could potentially put in jeopardy the perception of what people are thinking our product is versus what’s being sold out there in the synthetic marijuana market,” said Stone. 

The Illinois Department of Public Health reports the recent deaths and illnesses are tied to synthetic products that contained a substance found in rat poison.