The Scene At Dumb Records - Spinning Tunes & Talking 'Resilience'

Dec 1, 2016

This week Rachel and Scott take a trip to corner of 11th and South Grand in Springfield where a block or so known as Southtown contains an in-door skate park, skateboard shop, music venue, soon-to-be-rehabbed recording studio and Dumb Records.

The record shop is where they met Brian Galecki, self-described 'kid who just likes having fun' (he's also quite successful at making fun), who told them about an event on Sunday featuring a wide variety of performance art. Tune in!

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The event is being called Resilience and will feature poet Johari Idusuyi, who recently joined The Scene for lunch, plus: an hour block of hip hop and spoken word, Shark Week the band's last performance, and much more. It was organized as a way to, "bring together the voices of a variety of different communities that need to be heard in response to this year's election results while incorporating various forms of expression, emotion and resilience." Activist and speaker from St. Louis, Stephen Houldsworth, will also be there. On this episode we take a listen to part of a lecture he did previously at Black Sheep on 'Protests & Punk Shows.'

Galecki previews some of the records for sale including ones from Champaign groups Kowabunga! Kid and Grandkids. He also tells us about other developments on the Southtown campus, like the afore mentioned project to get the recording studio up and running better than ever. For info on that, as well as other shows taking place there this weekend and beyond -- head to the Black Sheep website, and follow it on Facebook. And while you're at it, you can also follow Dumb Records.