Business Report: Chatham Plans For Growth; Quieting Trains; Civil War Museum Update

Oct 24, 2017

Credit NPR Illinois

Sean Crawford talks with State Journal-Register Business Editor Tim Landis.

This week:

* Chatham comprehensive plan - The village is looking at redoing 2007 comprehensive plan in view of continued population growth, 12,300 as of 2015. Back in 1930, it was 883.

* Third Street Quiet Zone: City of Springfield already started process to silence train horns on Union  Pacific line; could happen by summer of 2018 if all stays on schedule. Part of the larger high-speed rail project between St. Louis and Chicago.

* Boutique shuffle: District 23 retail shop (raises money for Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation) moving from MacArthur Boulevard to The Wardrobe space, 830 South Grand Ave. W. at end of January; Wardrobe has been in business 54 years, though current owner says she hopes to find a buyer to take it to a new location.

*Grand Army of the Republic National Museum at Seventh and Cook streets has been closed since early August; one of the few surviving museums of its type in the country operated by National Woman's Relief Corps Auxiliary to Grand Army of the Republic; lots of Civil War artifacts from piece of flag hanging in Ford's Theatre the night Abraham Lincoln was assassinated to personal military effects of Union soldiers; a group trying to get it reopened.