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Lawmaker Wants Illinois To Keep Daylight Savings Time All Year


You might be feeling the effects of the time change  just like every spring when we lose an hour.  But there’s legislation that just might change that. 

An effort in Florida is the most recent in a push to end the never-ending cycle of “falling back” or  “springing forward.” In Illinois, similar legislation was filed  last year.

The sponsor, state representative Steve Andersson, a Republican from Geneva, says he’ll continue advocating to end the disruption to sleep cycles throughout the state.

“So, we would go to a uniform time scale throughout the year instead of changing throughout the winter months," he said. “We would keep the hours the same which would mean light would be prevalent in the evening hours instead of the daylight hours even in the short days of winter.”

Andersson says the reason for change is about more than just feeling extra tired every spring. He points to studies that suggest it increases productivity and boosts the economy. 

His proposal remains stalled.  But he says the push in Florida might jumpstart interest in states like Illinois.

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