U of I Considers Sexual Assault Policies

Jan 7, 2015

University of Illinois officials say they will continue to convene meetings on the prevention of sexual assault on all three campuses. The group comprises about 20 people - including legal counsel, police, and women's rights advocates.

Dedra Williams is the Assistant VP for Academic Affairs at the University of Illinois, she says the goal is to ultimately shape effective policies: "If we need to make improvements, we want to be a leader and work with the legislators, with our campuses, and make a safe place for our students."

The task force first met in December. It will continue to meet, and Williams says students are being asked for their feedback when it comes to campus culture and policies. She hopes data gathered will help inform legislators. She adds that no specific incident led to the forming of the task force. But the university paid $77,000 to a former student who said her claims of sexual harassment after an alleged attack in 2011 were mishandled.