SUPER GG RADIO - Session 70 - Acoutrement

Jun 28, 2020

Credit Super GG Radio

Alex and producer extraordinaire Steve take the reins this week, IN THE SAME ROOM NO LESS. They talk about their time with Souls-like Source of Madness and space looter shooter Ever Space 2 in Early Adopters, explain video game backroom baseball in the news, and discuss Alex’s new snake games while Steve gushes over Horizon Zero Dawn. Enjoy!



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Games Discussed:

Ever Space 2, Source of Madness, Crawl, Screen Cheat, and Horizon Zero Dawn


Music Credits:

Introduction: Jazz Hip Hop 1 by Traster

Intermission: Chill Jazzy Lofi Hip Hop by DJ Quads

End Credits: Midnight Snack by DJ Quads

Mixed by Stephen Dvorak

Edited by Alex Orona