Statewide: Interview with Libertarian Candidate Kash Jackson; Voters Respond To Issues Survey

Sep 27, 2018

Statewide, with host Sean Crawford, brings you reports and conversations from in and around Illinois.

This week:

Rachel Otwell talks with Libertarian candidate for governor Grayson “Kash” Jackson, one of four gubernatorial hopefuls this fall.  Jackson explains why he decided to run and the problems he sees in the state.

Illinois Issues columnist Charlie Wheeler takes a look at the state’s budget and has some suggestions for the eventual winner of the governor’s race. 

Guy Stephens of WNIJ investigates the rise of solar power and efforts to increase its acceptance in Illinois.

Sean Crawford interviews the Research Manager at the University of Illinois Springfield Survey Research Office.  They discuss the 2018 UIS/NPR Illinois Survey of issues and responses from likely voters.

Lizzie Roehrs of NPR Illinois introduces us to the Rock Springs Ground Squirrels, based in Decatur.  The vintage baseball team celebrated its 25th anniversary this year.