Springfield Airport Will Make Another Attempt To Add Gambling

Jan 24, 2015

Credit flickr/brownpau

After being turned down for a video gambling license last year, the Springfield airport will try its luck again.

The Director of the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport, Mark Hanna, says adding the gambling machines is an opportunity that needs to be explored.

"Just like any other non-aeronautical revenue opportunity, we feel we are doing the responsible thing in actually looking at all available sources of revenue that are out there to offset our expenses and tax burden," Hanna said.

Hanna says he was baffled at the rejection last year.  He says the Illinois Gaming Board turned the airport down because it lacked the authority to serve alcohol, which is a requirement for gambling approval.   But Hanna says the airport has a liquor license.  Under the rules, another application can be made this spring. 

"We fully intend to make another application," he added.

If the state o-k's it, the airport board will have final say on whether or not to add the machines.