Senate Panel OKs Repeal Of Parental Notification Prior To Abortion

Mar 19, 2019

Illinois lawmakers  forwarded a proposal that would allow minors to get an abortion, without telling their parents.

The measure would repeal the Parental Notification of Abortion Act – a law passed in 1995, but not enforced until 5 years ago.  The law allows for minors to go before a judge instead of notifying a parent.

Democratic Senator Elgie Sims of Chicago is sponsoring the proposal that would get rid of any notification requirement.

“Healthy family communication can't be legislated, and if a young woman makes the decision to have a child she doesn't have notify her parents. She only has to notify her  parents if she plans to have an abortion. There’s something fundamentally wrong with that.”

Anti-abortion advocates expressed outrage after a Senate Committee today senators approved the bill to go to the full Senate.

Dawn Fitzpatrick of the Catholic Conference of Illinois says parents should always be involved with such decisions as terminating a pregnancy.

She said she was frustrated that the committee didn’t take the time to hear more from abortion opponents.

A similar bill is under consideration in the House.